Design and construction of green roof, green facade and roof garden systems.

With more than 20 years of experience, we offer sustainable green solutions, such as green roofs, roof gardens and green facades, for various projects.

Discover the versatile possibilities of our green roof solutions, carefully designed to perfectly fit any type of roof.

Not only the eye-catcher to give your building a unique look, but also a source of numerous benefits. 

From architecture to execution, your garden project will be turned into reality, whether subtle changes or a complete transformation.

Our sustainable solutions for the future offer numerous advantages

At Vice Verda, we are committed to achieving essential green space, which not only leads to a greener environment, but also to various benefits.

Energy efficiency

Green roofs and facades reduce heat absorption and cool buildings, resulting in lower energy costs.


Green roofs and green facades protect against UV radiation and temperature changes, extending the life of your roof or facade and reducing maintenance costs.

Water management

Green infrastructure absorbs rainwater, reducing flooding and strain on sewage systems.


Our solutions not only offer practical benefits, but also give any building a unique look by creating attractive, natural green spaces.


Green amenities increase property values and can positively influence the sale or rental price.


State and local subsidies encourage investment in green infrastructure, reducing costs for individuals and businesses.

Unique Living Space

Green roofs and gardens provide unique spaces for recreation, gardening and social activities. An oasis of greenery and tranquillity even in the middle of the city.


Green environments promote rest and relaxation. In short, they improve quality of life in a broad sense.

Caring for nature in industrialised lifestyles, that is our goal

Our business is all about 'greening' - the process of greening urban environments through green roofs, green facades and gardens - always paying attention to your specific wishes and needs.

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