We are committed to "green experiences" on roofs, on facades and in gardens!

For us, it is all about 'greening' - the process of greening urban environments - for which we reserve a number of values:

Family business with 20+ years' experience

Mission and vision

"Greening" is not a slogan, but we are constantly trying to translate it to your needs: to this end, we retain a number of values, notably:

Environment and liveability

We do this by supporting ecology and biodiversity, focusing on air- and dust-purifying green roof and green façade systems, and promoting sustainable greenery.


Better protection and insulation of your home, to even contributing to 'Craddle to Craddle' and by offering affordable after-service and maintenance because everything alive needs care.

People are central

In our increasingly urbanised world, our concepts and systems work to create a more liveable environment, with benefits for well-being, relaxation and health.


We challenge you to 'invest smartly': thanks to a herb garden, a kitchen garden roof (Urban Farming), but also through advice and help with subsidies from local and Flemish authorities. Invest in your forgotten roof, facade and garden, and contribute to an increased (aesthetic) value of your real estate investment!

Our team

Energy efficiency

Lower energy costs and a healthier environment

100% relief

Guarantees the optimal performance of your green roof and facade

Flexibility & customisation

a green roof and facade that precisely meets all your specific needs

Our working method

The growth towards REALISATION


Call us, send us an email, or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We make a no-obligation offer: are there any special points of interest or uncertainties? Then we will come and take a look in advance.

Order confirmation

After reaching a mutual agreement, we will consider together the ideal period for the start of the "Good agreements make good friends" project.


On the scheduled date, we start construction of the project. In case of unforeseen changes, we always inform you in time.


Before drawing up the final invoice, we invite you for a joint tour: we coordinate and "dot the i's", as we strive for your total satisfaction


If required, we will continue to provide after-care, including maintenance of your project: this can be done on demand or with a fixed maintenance contract