Maintenance & renovation of your green roof

You can also come to us for the maintenance and renovation of your green roof!

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Maintenance of your green roof

A green roof, even in an extensive construction, will require minimal maintenance: in other words, if you want to fully enjoy your investment and preserve it in the long term, regular maintenance by a specialist is best.

The term low maintenance applies to an extensive sedum roof, a biodiverse build-up already requires a bit more maintenance, and an intensive project is specifically subject to regular maintenance, depending on the types of plantings.

What Vice Verda can offer? A number of fixed 'formulas', up to and including a project-specific maintenance programme.

Interventions are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year (e.g. depending on weather developments in spring), of which you will be notified in advance; a report accompanied by photos before & after will then be sent to you - in special cases, we will notify you of urgent measures.

You can choose from the three basic formulas below. Select the desired maintenance contract, fill in your details, and we will contact you as soon as possible with a tailor-made quote.

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Let us know which formula best suits your green roof.

Renovating your green roof

Vice Verda has specialised in the design and installation of various green roof systems for more than 15 years; high-quality suppliers such as world leader Zinco (Germany) guarantee know-how, advice and support where needed, and we are unusually proud of this.

It sometimes happens that a green roof does not ultimately live up to your expectations: in such cases, we are happy to offer our renovation expertise - contact us without obligation.