Green walls and facades for indoor and outdoor use

Vice Verda has one goal in mind: to care for nature in the industrialised world of Flanders.

Green walls for indoors

Green walls for interiors are also often green walls called. It can range from a small herb wall in a kitchen to a giant green wall in an entrance hall of a bank building or a shopping mall.

Because temperature and lighting can usually be controlled as desired inside, the extensive choice of plants: from native plants to exotic specimens.


Vice Verda takes care of the design, realisation and maintenance of your vertical gardens from A to Z.


Vice Verda only delivers high-quality customised products according to your requirements.

Outdoor green walls

Again, there are countless opportunities in terms of shape and size. Green facades are tailored to our climate by working mainly with a selection of native evergreen plants.

A green wall on the exterior facade can be an excellent alternative form for a classic facade renovation or can a image-enhancing eye-catcher form an existing or new commercial building.


With a green facade, you choose your favourite plants and flowers.

Own management

Our strength is that we do everything in-house, from design to maintenance.

Green wall realisations

Advantages of green walls

Green walls not only lead to a greener environment, but also to several benefits.

Increases lifespan

Green facades help reduce damage from UV rays and protect buildings from weather conditions such as wind and temperature fluctuations, extending the life of the building


Plants soften sound waves through absorption and refraction, which can help reduce disturbing echoes in large spaces and dampen street noise, especially in urban environments

Air purifying

If a single plant can improve air quality by reducing pollutants. Then imagine the added value of a green facade that can contain more than a thousand plants, all filtering the air and also creating energy-rich oxygen.

Aesthetic added value

A green façade brings nature to the architectural environment. They form a living work of art while creating calm and vitality in the space.

Positive image

Not only a sustainable choice, but also a powerful symbol of commitment to environment. It shows your commitment to a green image with a positive impact on the environment.

Reducing urban heat island effect

Green facades reduce heat transfer to buildings and cooling requirements, prevent heat build-up and provide insulation

Increased biodiversity

Pollution, noise and loss of vegetation are the consequences of modern urbanisation. We aim to improve the environment by bringing a diverse plant supply to densely populated urban areas (but also beyond) through facade and roof.

Lowers stress

Our physical and mental well-being is increased in the presence of natural greenery and is characterised by less stress, greater self-esteem In addition, plants boost creativity.

Curious about the build-up?

Maintenance or renovation of your green roof

Periodic maintenance

Regular maintenance of your green roof extends its lifespan, maintains aesthetics and contributes to a safe environment.


We schedule check-ups throughout the year, with updates and photos before & after. This way, you will always stay informed.

3 formulas

Discover our three basic formulas for maintenance contracts. Or do you prefer a flexible approach?

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