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We work with a non-ground, modular system: the Plantbox. The plants are installed in these separate modules, independent of the wall or soil. Here, we use peat moss, a 100% natural substrate that can absorb up to twenty times its volume in water so that water irrigation is efficient ánd economical.


Vegetation layer

The vegetation or plant layer is of course the most visible part of a green wall. The choice of plants is very extensive and is always tailored to the customer's location, orientation, application and preferences.

For outdoor applications is used of native planting that survive our winters. That is raised in peat moss, which guarantees a go-around rate of 95%. Inside there can also be with exotic plants be worked.



Grid structure or support rails

Galvanised steel Plant Box with anti-corrosion treatment

Supply of water and nutrients

Automated irrigation system to irrigate plants directly into the substrate, taking into account the required watering and fertiliser requirements.

Natural substrate (Stagnum) with very high water retention and long lifespan

Water supply

Wide selection of applicable plantings

For exterior facades, we offer evergreen native perennials. Plant selection for every orientation

Collector or drain at the bottom of the wall

Possible recycling of residual water.


Side view

Supply of water and nutrients

Automated irrigation system where plants are moistened and fed directly into the substrate according to an optimal dosage. Supply is limited to 1 to 2 litres per square metre per day. Possibility of working with rainwater and in closed circuit.

Air cavity

Possibility of inserting external wall insulation

Metal grid or support beams

Baskets made of galvanised stainless steel

Natural and sustainable substrate with high water retention capacity

Peat moss


Wide range of evergreen plants. Native evergreen plants are mainly chosen for exterior walls. Choice of a selection of plants for any environment.

Collector and water drainage

At the base of the wall, with possible reuse of captured water.



An automatic irrigation system ensures a regulated supply of water and nutrients. The system is precisely tuned to plant species, seasons, climate and orientation. Thanks to the excellent water retention capacity of the peat moss, irrigation can be done very efficiently and only a minimum water supply is needed.


Collector & water drainage

Water not retained by the peat moss is neatly collected in a collector. Depending on the chosen irrigation system, this water will be drained off or can be reabsorbed in a circular route. This allows us to use water very sparingly.

Green wall realisations