Discover the options for your roof: flat or sloping, large or small.

Green roofs come in various types, ranging from extensive green roofs with light vegetation to intensive green roofs with a diverse range of plants.

The classic, extensive green roof: a base layer dotted with succulents.

A vibrant mix of native plants and flowers.

Integrate greenery on slopes up to 45 degrees with our specially designed green roof.

Suitable for growing fresh vegetables and herbs, on your roof.

A true roof garden, perfect for extensive planting and relaxation.

Captures rainwater and discharges it delayed, while you enjoy the green look.

Discover the benefits and possibilities of green roofs.

Maintenance or renovation of your green roof

Periodic maintenance

Regular maintenance of your green roof extends its lifespan, maintains aesthetics and contributes to a safe environment.


We schedule check-ups throughout the year, with updates and photos before & after. This way, you will always stay informed.

3 formulas

Discover our three basic formulas for maintenance contracts. Or do you prefer a flexible approach?

Green roofs realisations

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