The future of water management

Thanks to green-blue roofs or retention roofs, rainwater is collected and utilised. The water can be drained in case of excessive rainfall or reused.

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Meander retention roof

This is a type of green roof specifically designed to buffer and delay a maximum amount of rainwater. This system uses an ingenious design that mimics the natural course of a river, hence the name "meander," which refers to the winding paths that rivers travel.

Retention roof Extensive

An extensive retention roof is a lightweight, low-maintenance green roof designed to collect and slowly drain rainwater, mainly planted with sedum, mosses, and grass-like plants. This type of roof has a thin substrate layer (6-20 cm) that helps in water retention without putting heavy strain on the roof structure.

Retention roof intensive

 is heavier and requires more maintenance than an extensive roof and supports a greater diversity of plants, including shrubs and small trees. These roofs are designed to effectively buffer significant amounts of rainwater and maximise biodiversity. They provide space for recreational uses and can be aesthetically pleasing, depending on planting and design.

Technical properties

Building height

From 9 cm

Water-saturated weight

From 90 kg/m²

Water storage

From 38l/m²

Construction of a green roof


In addition to different types of Sedum, you can also choose different types of herbs and wild flowers ( e.g. Thyme, carnations) but various bulbous plants can also add nice accents (e.g. Iris).

Substrate layer

Substrate layer containing a larger amount of organic matter. Thickness depends on the type of vegetation.

Filter layer

Separation layer between substrate and drainage. Allows excess water to pass through and makes the water in the drainage layer available to the vegetation through condensation.

Drainage layer

Drainage slabs with integrated drip lines for water irrigation or drainage using mineral rock (e.g. Bims).

Protection and absorption layer

Protection of the roof against mechanical damage; at the same time, it also buffers a quantity of water.


Root-resistant roof waterproofing.

Green roofs realisations

Discover all possibilities

The classic, extensive green roof: a base layer dotted with succulents.

A vibrant mix of native plants and flowers.

Integrate greenery on slopes up to 45 degrees with our specially designed green roof.

Suitable for growing fresh vegetables and herbs, on your roof.

A true roof garden, perfect for extensive planting and relaxation.

Captures rainwater and discharges it delayed, while you enjoy the green look.